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I have had my justin Beiber Toothbrush exchanged 2 times. 1 on stopped playing the music and the 2 nd on DOA Dead On Arrival Sad!

Then finally the 3rd one arrived I have used it once we will see what happens. The customer service department is not so bright you get the run around before you can actually get an answer on your replacement. I understand these are made in china but come on Brush Buddies sell something well worth our money.

They claim to Be thee number one seller and Bravado approves this message. Research bravado they are huge why would they approve such a crappy company.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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At least you received yours. We ordered back in June and were told it was shipped to Australia on 30 July but it has not arrived and no-one will respond to our email enquiries.

We paid over $100 for the order ...not happy!!!


I bought one of those Brush Buddies singing toothbrushes too. It had 2 buttons so I could play 1 song in the am and 1 in the pm. When I got it home and used the brush - it was the same *** song for BOTH BUTTONS!

Total rip off for $15 and now I see them all over the pace for $4

Ingram, Texas, United States #663874

I hope all of your teeth fall out.

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